Monday, December 29, 2008

lights. giraffes. coldness. & snowmen = fun & winter

.llama kisses.giraffe faces.fake snow.winter inflatables.
.ha, last night was FULL of randomness but full of fun.

This is captain, the llama i was talking about. 
this is him kissing me:] 
it was odd.

me&jamie with the boys.
& inflatables

i was bored @ the craft station.
so i decided to growl with the bear.
(even though he looks frightened)

.the girls.

.i was trying to fit the part.
.and look like a giraffe.


so. i went to the zoolight safari tonight and saw animals. i havent downloaded all the pictures(more to come) but i just thought i would put this random picture i took, of a llama on here. his name is captain, and when you called his name and tapped your cheek, he would kiss you. it was cute. and dont yall worry, i got a picture of that as well, so all you ENQUIRING minds will soon see:]

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

We can barely see you two in the picture for all the snow, but I went ahead and posted it anyway since YOU ARE my two most favorite children in the world!

I posted this picture of Bethany just because I thought it was so cute!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


These are pictures of the last time we went to S&S. We painted on glass. We wanted to go to S&S for our party at work but we couldn't get enough reservations, soooooooo we did it at the school and I taught them how to do it. The set at the top was Kathy Tice's (These were the only ones I had pictures of from our party. Everyone else had already taken theirs home). It was fun! We all went to dinner and came back to the school and had our Paint Party!



merry christmas to all...

so we had a christmas party tuesday night and me & a few girls decorated this cute little gingerbread house. i love it:] and i just wanted to post a few pictures just to show everyone. brett and kelsey, maybe we can decorate our own this weekend while we're together:]]

.see you all sooooooooon.

the back of the house
the front of it

Monday, December 8, 2008

Early Christmas Present

This past weekend Brett and I gave each other our early Christmas present and saw A Christmas Carol in Montgomery at the Shakespeare Festival. It was so great...I hope to see another Shakespeare Festival production soon!

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