Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Big Sur Camping Trip

After a delicious Thanksgiving potluck dinner at our pastor's house last Thursday night, Brett and I decided to take advantage of our Friday off from work and use our long weekend to go camping in Big Sur. It was a lot of fun, and the weather cooperated perfectly with our plans – high in the low 70s and clear sunny skies! See below for some phone shots I took while we were there.

Glad to hear that that Thanksgiving in AL was so much fun! We missed being there with you guys, but can't wait for Christmas!

Monday, November 28, 2011

feliz noviembre

Things have been a little hectic around here so it's been a while since a post...
so I thought I would break the chain and show a little of
whats been happening.
This past week i went home for thanksgiving. It was great to
just lounge around and help nonna bake, a lot.
Here are some pictures of the week.

As everyone probably knows, the new rave are cake pops,
so me and Nonna thought we would give it a go.
They were insanely delicious.
If I do say so myself.
We also made 4 pecan pies. They were so pretty.
This has nothing to do with food but I thought it was entertaining.
&& I knew B&K would get a good laugh out of it.
This is uncle Dewaynes shirt on thanksgiving.
He is such a cowboy.

&& of course what else comes after thanksgiving..
other than being miserably full??
BLACK FRIDAY. yes, I shopped, for 10 hours straight. We left the house
at 8pm and I didn't get home around 5am. I almost die of an impaled pelvis at Walmart
by a buggy while trying to get a $2.84 waffle maker. People are C R A Z Y.

This is the line at BELK. Their doors opened at 3am and they had boots for $19.99
This picture was taken at 1am. & yes, it was freezing.

And lastly to round up the week. Mom & Dad are currently on a cruise....
As I was dreadfully walking to class this morning in the freezing cold rain,
I received this picture. It made me so envious.
They are currently on THE BIGGEST SHIP IN THE WORLD.
Oasis of the Seas. Complete with a Central Park & zipline. You should google it.
It's insane what this ship has.
I just know they are having a great time eating all-u-can-eat ice cream
& free room service.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Fall"-ing into Winter

Our day started with a fabulous breakfast at Pancake Pantry.
And of course, I got my yearly fix
"Peanut Butter Syrup"

We were a bit reluctant to go to Pancake Pantry because Randy was
not able to join us at the last minute and this is his absolute
favorite place to eat breakfast.  However, after we thought
about it (for about 1 second),
we knew it is what he would want us to do.
So we pretty much went just for him!!!!

 Noooooo, I did not eat both servings that morning.  I carried the
other serving with me and ate it for breakfast Sunday morning.
I couldn't waste something sooooo good!!!

After breakfast we proceeded to the
Roaring Forks Motor Nature Trail . . .

Beautiful Fall Foliage

and then "much to our surprise"

What a fun-fun weekend!!

(We missed you Randy and Brett & Kelsey.)

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