Monday, November 28, 2011

feliz noviembre

Things have been a little hectic around here so it's been a while since a post...
so I thought I would break the chain and show a little of
whats been happening.
This past week i went home for thanksgiving. It was great to
just lounge around and help nonna bake, a lot.
Here are some pictures of the week.

As everyone probably knows, the new rave are cake pops,
so me and Nonna thought we would give it a go.
They were insanely delicious.
If I do say so myself.
We also made 4 pecan pies. They were so pretty.
This has nothing to do with food but I thought it was entertaining.
&& I knew B&K would get a good laugh out of it.
This is uncle Dewaynes shirt on thanksgiving.
He is such a cowboy.

&& of course what else comes after thanksgiving..
other than being miserably full??
BLACK FRIDAY. yes, I shopped, for 10 hours straight. We left the house
at 8pm and I didn't get home around 5am. I almost die of an impaled pelvis at Walmart
by a buggy while trying to get a $2.84 waffle maker. People are C R A Z Y.

This is the line at BELK. Their doors opened at 3am and they had boots for $19.99
This picture was taken at 1am. & yes, it was freezing.

And lastly to round up the week. Mom & Dad are currently on a cruise....
As I was dreadfully walking to class this morning in the freezing cold rain,
I received this picture. It made me so envious.
They are currently on THE BIGGEST SHIP IN THE WORLD.
Oasis of the Seas. Complete with a Central Park & zipline. You should google it.
It's insane what this ship has.
I just know they are having a great time eating all-u-can-eat ice cream
& free room service.



  1. That looks like a great Thanksgiving break! Also, very jealous of the Oasis by the Seas!!! Hope they're having a good time!

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