Thursday, February 14, 2008

On the 14th day of Valentines, my true love gave to me . . .

. . . a candlelight dinner he prepared just for us!
(Baked pork chops, rice pilaf, tossed salad,
toasted french bread and for dessert . . .
Right out of the oven sugar chocolate drop cookies
chocolate covered strawberries which we will enjoy
as we are watching our Valentines Day movie
"The Holiday".
Dinner on the 13th and conversation hearts
(We went to dinner tonight because we have been before
on Valentines night and restaurants are SO crowded).
Twelve red balloons (and a cute little monkey holding them)
Eleven cinnamon discs (you know, the hard candies that I love!)
Ten vanilla beans . . . (at least ten, probably more) grinded up in my
Vanilla Bean Frappuccino drizzled with caramel (it's the best!)
- - - after we ate lunch at Longhorn then on the way home
he pulled into Starbucks and order my iced fav!!
Nine of my favorite magazines from the library
and a Woman's World one too!
Eight wedding cookies (actually it was a whole box) Seven Bargs Root Beer (plus 5 more equaled a 12 pk) Six p-i-n-k tulips (See photo - they are beautiful!)
Five o'clock din-ner (at Guadalajara) Four cream twirls (yummmm!) Three new pens (I like to try the new ones you know!) Two skor bars (Brett & Bethany's favorite too!) And one al-mond for-tune cooook-ie!
(and he even stuffed it with my own little fortune - wasn't that sweet?)
For 25 years my Valentine has given me a
gift beginning February 1st through February the 14th.
It always reminds me of just how thoughtful he is and how
lucky I am to have been chosen by such a wonderful man
who still to this day . . . takes my breath away!


  1. that is the sweetest thing i have ever heard! happy valentines to both of you!

  2. wow. that made me cry. ha, and this is to add to the list of reasons i want my husband to be just like my daddy...hence his thoughtfulness:]]


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