Sunday, November 9, 2008

New York City - Day 2!

On Day 1 - by the time we got fom the airport to Terri's apartment it was about
7:30. We just took a shower and ordered take-out and waited on Terri to get home
from work. Then we just sit and talked and enjoyed each other's company. It was fun!

Here we are in Times Square!

Times Square

The Manhattan Apple Store is a neat building.

When Santa Turned Green! Terri and I thought this was cute. It is on display in the FAO Shwartz Display Window.


  1. yeah NYC!!! It looks so fun! And cold...

    That apple store is really neat, i have seen that before.

    Post some more pictures when you have time!

  2. * i meant to say i have NEVER seen that apple store before.

  3. Oh mom, I am so jealous. I'm really glad that ya'll girls had fun up there in the Big Apple.

  4. brett, you like to talk about how you are so jealous of everyone else on this blog.

  5. That'sok Brett. You came last, so now it was my turn. It is really a fun trip for us girls and we have really enjoyed spending time together. The weather has been perfect and we have covered alot of ground in a few days!


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