Saturday, January 24, 2009


so.. its january 24 and we all know that its a very special day.. so to start out happy birthday to mommy & kelsey. anyways. in honor of this special day i thought and thought and thought about something i could post for their birthday, but no video i found on youtube was just quite personal enough...but then the lightbulb came on!!!why not make my OWN video. i mean, i might as well use of my mac for what its known for right?? so. here is the masterpiece...just a little gift that i thought ya'll + our blog followers would enjoy for this VERY VERY special day
.. i love you both:)
[[and i hope everyone enjoys this video]]
.it was made with love.
(and just a fun fact: this video took like 3 hours to load and process so i really really hope ya'll like it. no pressure though)


  1. Happy birthday, Cathi!!! Hope you have a good day. I turned 48 on my birthday, too! I think it's going to be a wonderful year, don't you?!

  2. Thank you. That was so very sweet! And yes, I did enjoy what you and dad did for my last night. Thanks again and I love you too!

  3. THANKS bethany! that was a great video. And thanks for the birthday wishes... what did you all do for your mom's birthday? I will post pictures tomorrow of my bday date brett took me on.....


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