Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, Kelsey and I centered our day around cooking. For Saturday night dinner, we cooked fresh salmon that we bought at the new Publix in Tuscaloosa. It was so good.

For the rest of the meal, we cooked new potatoes, asparagus, and a strawberry, pecan salad. 

Dessert was bananas foster crepes. They were delicious. The crepes were difficult to make in the beginning, but we got a lot better as we went along.

Sunday morning, we had a huge brunch, including strawberry banana crepes and some homemade bread from my bread machine. Bread recipes, with the ingredients, was my present from Kelsey. Great present! Thank you so much Kelsey.


  1. All the thanks should be to you Brett for a wonderful Valentines weekend! You are great for planning everything for me.

    Everyone should try these Crepes... we got the recipe from Martha...

  2. Wow, that all looked so delicious. After that breakfast, I'm surprised either of you were hungry for lunch!

  3. oh my goodness. this all looks so good. we should make crepes when i come to visit in 2 weeks.

    . that would be fun:)

  4. Yes! i am sure brett with still have plenty of rum left from the bottle he had to buy for valentines crepes...

    those are going to be delicious


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