Sunday, March 8, 2009

As Brooke would say . . . another "Happy Lappy" user

I've had FINALLY joined the ranks of an official Mac user~~ WooHoo!  My sweet husband was going to get it for me for Valentine's Day but Brett did not have everything loaded on it yet.  Since Brett got to come home this weekend he brought it and was able to complete it before he left.  Thank you my love for my Mac and thank you Brett for getting it all ready for me and teaching me shortcuts and how to do all kind of amazing things.  Annnnnndd, thank you Bethany in advance because I am sure I will be asking you all kinds of questions that I don't know the answers to - YET!


  1. congratulations! your computer life is about to change forever...

  2. Thank you! I know and I am excited about change~ P.S. Hope you had fun in Atlanta. We missed seeing you!

  3. your welcome mom. the stress of your life has just halved. congrats.


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