Wednesday, June 10, 2009


hey everyone. i finally got a chance to get on the blog and make a post after about 2 weeks. Everything here at the ranch is amazing. i love every second of it and can't even imagine the day that i have to leave. I miss you all so much and all your pictures are hanging up right beside my bed so you all get prayed for everyday during my quiet time. God is doing amazing things in my life. WAY to many for me to have room to type about. If everyone hasn't heard i'm head lifeguard so i definitely have one of the most amazing jobs at the ranch. I also get to do the ropes course and alpine tower everyday as well. This is the fastest and most beautiful pictures i could upload so far so thats why i'm only uploading one becasue i'm on a computer that was used during Moses' time so its a bit slow!!!!! but anyways this picture is of mt. shasta, the mountain i will be climbing in July. I took this picture the other day on the way home from rafting. It was at sunset and it was just breathtaking. Totally made me thankful for the amazing things that God created for us. I hope you all enjoy the picture and it brings you as much joy as it has me...even though its 1,000 times better in person:) but yeah i love and miss you all. call or write when you feel the need. oh and brett, mom, dad and kelsey be expecting letters soon:)


  1. It looks incredible. Glad you had a chance to post. I'll be watching for my letter!

  2. that picture is absolutely amazing! I can't wait until my letter comes!

    I am glad you are having such a great time. I can't wait to hear about it and see more pictures when you get back.


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