Saturday, July 18, 2009

Brett's Trip(s) to Colorado

So I know these are a little late, but I wanted to post some pictures from the times Brett visited me in CO this summer.

This was during his first trip out here; we went to Garden of the Gods in CO Springs.

That is definitely one of my favorite places in Colorado. I love it! I think Brett liked it as well.

This was from the road trip out here. There's not much in Kansas, but these windmills were pretty cool, so we had to stop and admire them. If you could only know how HUGE they are real life... this picture does them no justice. I think the diameter of one is around 150 feet. Check out the pictures in this article.

This starts pictures from Brett's second trip. You can see the enthusiasm as we were getting ready to leave for our camping trip.

We visited a small town called Salida that was near our campsite. It was so quaint. I'm glad we got to visit.

There is a "mountain," in the form more of a hill, in Salida that we climbed called S Mountain. Here are Caitlin and Brett making their way to the top.

Brett and I looking off the top of S Mountain

There was a little look-out building at the top of the mountain.

On our drive home from camping, we stopped at the Royal Gorge, which was Brett's favorite place we went.

It was amazing.

We had a really fun time while Brett was here visiting. Thanks to my mom and dad for taking us on these adventures!


  1. Beautiful! We gotta go, Cat!

  2. ohhhh, thank you Kelsey for posting pictures from the "Colorado Adventures". It does look amazing. I know Brett had a good time, but most of all I KNOW he was pretty excited about getting to see YOU!

  3. Oh yes please come! We really want both of you and your families to come ski during Christmas break!


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