Friday, November 20, 2009

.one fine day.

so last night one of my best friends, katie, got engaged. we met at the ranch this summer & we clicked and haven't been apart since. she's marrying a guy that she met at the ranch as well that lives in ALABAMA. she lives in dallas so we have to skype mostly but the Lord knew that I needed her here so I am so thankful that he let her marry someone that live HERE. she asked me to be her maid of honor which made me feel so very good since she has 4 amazing sisters to chose from but she picked me instead!!
i also found out yesterday that i'm going to be able to go to Dallas for thanksgiving to spend it with katie and her family. as well as, mandy, our other very dear friend from the ranch who lives in nashville. we all haven't been together since the ranch so i am so excited about being able to spend a week with them... its gonna be one fine turkey day:)
the beautiful B2B @ yogurt mountain


where katie will be in a few years, but it wont be a watermelon

me & k

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