Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just another day?

just another day? . . . I hope not!

Many times when you ask the question “how are you today?” a response that I often hear is “it’s just another day! it's no different than yesterday or the day before”.

And really, there may not be anything super significant about this day apart from:

it's another day that i'm alive!

it's another day that i get to enjoy my husband. my son. and my daughter.

it's another day that i can experience God's love, grace, and mercy.

so while it is, in fact, just another day, today i rejoice—for God has granted me yet one more day.

life is fleeting. it is a vapor, a breath, a blink of an eye. so not just today, but every day take a moment to enjoy the gift of another day! That is what I want to celebrate not just today, but every day!

just another day? . . . TO CELEBRATE!

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