Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Amtrak to New Orleans

Last weekend, I took a train from Tuscaloosa to New Orleans to meet some friends for a reunion road trip; friends from Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and Utah.

I also rented a car and drove over to Biloxi to meet with David Perkes, director of the Gulf Coast Community Design Center, to talk and check about a job. These are some affordable relief houses that they did. I love their work, just trying to decide if we want to move to Biloxi.


  1. I think the train trip was a neat idea. We all should do that soon. The relief homes remind me of the beach! Looks like the GCCDS has done some neat stuff too. They would be LUCKY to have you!

  2. i want to take a train somewhere very very soon. i think it would be so much fun.


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