Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brett & Kelsey's "His & Hers Shower"

K&B opening their first gift @ the shower

The beautiful arrangement that the hostesses bought for them.

Lots & lots of yummy food!!!

Strawberries dipped in chocolate that were divine!

It was such a fun day. They received so many great gifts. Brett got to introduce Kelsey to lots of friends and we all had a great time!

"Thanks" to Nonny, Aunt Wanda, Aunt Vickie, April & Granny Rose for hosting such a beautiful event!

"Thanks" to all of our friends & family for the gifts but most of all
for attending and sharing this special time with Brett & Kelsey.


  1. Such a beautiful shower and beautiful bride-to-be!

  2. Brett, I am very happy for you and Kelsey! I ment to you that when I saw you at Camp, but I didn't think of it. I love you and Kelsey both! Love, Sammy


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