Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rocky Mountain Memories

Rocky Mountain National Forest
Estes Park

Rocky Mountain National Forest
Estes Park

Mark & Lisa took us to Estes Park
to see & hear the Elk Bugling.

There were elk everywhere and
the scenery was gorgeous.

Lisa, Mark, Terri, Cathi, Kelsey, Brett

Kelsey & Brett

We also went to Boulder to the Farmer's Market. It was amazing. There were beautiful flowers & mums & fresh vegetables & all kinds of organic stuff.

I've never really considered carrots to be pretty, but I thought these carrots were pretty! They were different colors and all stacked up which I thought made for a pretty picture. (I think I'm gonna frame it and put it in my kitchen.)

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  1. Great Pictures Mom. This was so fun. Thanks for coming.


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