Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas memories . . .

We usually all go together and choose the perfect tree, but this year my sweet husband surprised us and picked out a beautiful Frasier Fir and brought it home. I love the frasier fir trees but they are usually too small for our ceiling. He stopped by just to check on the inventory of trees and spotted the perfect tree (larger in size than normal) and knowing how I love them, he brought it home. (PS - thank you dear for not only picking out the perfect tree, but getting the kind you know I love the best!)

From this . . .

to this!

I love decorating our family tree with all of the many beautiful ornaments Brett & Bethany have made over the years along with a few special ornaments that were purchased to represent special moments in our lives. As we decorate each year, I always think about when and where each treasure came from throughout the years and it always makes my heart smile. So!, I decided to share just a few of my MANY favorite family christmas tree treasures.

Brett's 1st Christmas

Bethany @ Mrs. Judy's

From the Manger to the Cross
(Our early sign for Brett's love of art!)

Bethany's "Little Handprint" Angel

Brett's Santa Stocking
(You can't tell it in the picture, but he even stuffed Santa's
tummy with paper to make him jolly!)

This is Priscilla!
(Bethany had to make a "shoebox play" project and write a short play and make the characters/props for the play. Her story was entitled "ELFis & Priscilla" and it was adorable.)

One of Brett's "journal entries" during the month of December. It is sooo sweet!

Don't worry B&K, we have a couple of new "special ornaments" selected especially for you to hang on the tree upon your arrival!

Merry Christmas to each of you!


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