Friday, April 15, 2011

Break the Ice

Well we haven't been doing the best job with updating the blog lately, myself included so I thought that I would break the ice and start fresh for spring so here goes....

Lets catch up on life.

2 weekends ago me and jamie went to visit some friends in tupelo, ms (Elvis' birthplace).
i wasn't aware of this until we arrived. it was so fun to see the neat old town.

Last weekend, me and my best friend hannah went to North Alabama to see some more friends.
We have friend a lot of places. We went camping and relaxed.
This is me play f-ball with a nerf vortex (best toy as a kid) even whistled

3 of the people i went to visit
j-wig, blake and bethany

last night was bethany's birthday so we had a dinner party
me, bethany, jamie and pam at the party
i just realized i know a lot of people with my name

i loveeeeeeeeeee road trips

Go in peace. Blessings

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