Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Brett's Surgical Update

Just wanted to let everyone know that Brett's surgery went well and he is doing fine. The double deviated septum is no longer deviated, no more polyps, sinus infection soon to be all clear, lower sinus cells (which by the way only 1% of the population has) have clear passages and the procedures will open up the collapsed nasal cavity therefore giving back his sense of smell, opening his nasal passages making it easier for him to breath in more oxygen allowing what little sleep he does get to be more restful! He has to remain on complete bed rest (elevated, of course) for 2 - 3 days and no activity for a couple of weeks, soooooo it's a good thing he got that snowboarding activity in Colorado because if it did happen to snow in Auburn, Brett would have to miss it!! (By the way - thanks to Kelsey and her family for having Brett in their home over the holidays!) P.S. Brett will be all better real soon!!!


  1. i am glad that brett's surgery went so well! i hope he gets feeling better soon.

  2. Tell Brett that we're praying for a super speedy recovery!! We were so happy to have him here over the New year. Good luck keeping him rested.

  3. ha. great picture. i'm just kidding. but yeah i'm glad your doing good and i cant wait to see yall nect weekend. I love yall!!get well soon bubby


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