Friday, July 18, 2008

A Day at the Park!

We went to the park yesterday to take some pictures of Bethany for her to submit with her application for second year ministry school. This is just a few of my favorites!

This one was taken in the Bamboo Forest at Botanical Gardens.

Harley & Ryder went with us. This is a cute picture we took of them after they finished playing in the fountains!

This is a picture of Bethany & Jay. He took her out to dinner (& dessert & Starbucks, of course) for her birthday and then they went to church at The Highlands. That was really nice of him ~ ~ ~


  1. Great photos Bethany! Mom, you did a good job. Harley and Ryder look cool and refreshed too.

    Hey Jay.

  2. the pictures of bethany are pretty!

    hi jay.

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