Tuesday, August 26, 2008

. . . my home away from home . . .

Hello everyone..
I miss you all soo much and i can't wait for all of you to come visit. Here are pictures of my house. . . My room is getting alot better. I'm hanging stuff and totally unpacking so I will have to post pictures of the finished product later... i absolutely love it though by the way! But yeah here they are:] love you!!

This is the bathroom[view from the hallway]
All the girls share it but its not bad at all.
This is my room.
And my closet. . . i'm working on it mom:]
And this is my area i get ready in.
This is the kitchen [view from the laundry room]
This is our kitchen table
Living Room [view from front door]
Living room[view from hallway]
Living room[view from kitchen]


  1. your apartment is HUGE! i like it. i will post pictures of my new house soon, too! (we are in the process of painting)

    when do you leave for your cruise?

  2. I miss you too and can't wait to see you. I love the house. Your new home-away-from-home looks very nice and spacious. It appears you have plenty of room in your bedroom. BTW, I got you one of those brown sheers you wanted for your window. Very happy that you are loving it! love mom~

  3. Brett - when you get settled in & Kelsey - when you get finished painting, we expect to see pictures of everyone's new home!

  4. Wow Bethany. I love your new house. And I can't wait to come down and see it in person.


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