Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cruisin' the Caribbean

Dad & I got to go see Bethany Saturday and spent the night in Pensacola. We got to see where she lives and was able to go to church with her on Sunday. We were hoping to get to go to the beach . . . . but that didn't happen. Maybe we'll get to go to the beach on the next trip. We left Sunday afternoon and Bethany was leaving Monday morning to go on a cruise with the Brownsville AG Young Adults! I'm glad she got to go on a cruise since she didn't get to go on a cruise when she graduated and Brett said how awesome it was when he went! Maybe I can talk Dad into going on a cruise (you know how he is when it comes to boats and water)!eeeech!


  1. I bet Bethany is having so much fun right now. Yeah Mom, you and Dad should go on a cruise, he'll be fine.

  2. cruise cruise cruise! they are great! next anniversary present for you and randy? .....


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