Monday, April 19, 2010

Brett's Thesis Project Opening

Brett's Thesis Project was absolutely amazing! Brett & the "State Park Team" designed and built the entire project at Lion's Park in Greensboro, Alabama. The Tony Hawk Foundation was a huge supporter for the project. There were several Skate Teams present at the opening and several visitors from throughout the southeast. The weather was perfect and the opening was a huge success!

This is a structure at the entrance to the Skate Park which they designed and built.

Some of the visitors trying out the new park.

Brett & Kelsey watching some of the skaters and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Randy and Tony - Not only is Tony a family friend, but he is a master welder. He donated his time & skill to help Brett meet his deadline Thanks to Tony for not only helping, but for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to the opening.

Randy, Brett, Kelsey, Bethany and myself posing entrance sign to Lions Park. The entrance gates are also really cool. They were also designed and made by Brett and the Architecture students at Rural Studio.

Brett ~
We are sooo very proud of you and your thesis project and the final result - WOW! It is definitely a WOW PROJECT! We are also proud of you and your involvement in the project at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. I am glad that you & Kelsey are gonna get to go to London to take part in the opening of the project. You really are my "ST-ARchitect!


  1. Such a great project and design! I love the "Skate at your own Risk" rock. Brett, could you make one for my yard? I've been having a lot of skaters hanging around. The pic of Tony and Randy looks like two guys that would be on someone's shoulder, Randy encouraging the person to do good, and Tony encouraging the person to do bad things! LOL!

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