Monday, October 27, 2008

Brrrr - Snowmen?

Since Terri is working out of town for a few weeks I celebrated Girl's Night Out all by myself - so I suppose it was GIRL Night Out! (I miss my friend!) There are always other ladies who come by themselves, so it always ends up that you might meet someone new. Here's my picture. I painted it to hang on the back porch during the winter months. I think they are cute!


  1. Wow mom, thats great. I can't wait to come home for Christmas and help you hang it up when we decorate for the Holidays.

  2. Thanks! Dad and I can't wait either!

  3. oh yeah, that will be perfect for hanging during christmas season! i like looking at all the posts you have made lately.

  4. Thank you Kelsey. I'm trying to post a little more often! Feel free anytime you'd like to post as well. Hope to see you soon!


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