Sunday, October 19, 2008

Who's ready for fall weather?!

I know Brett and I sure are. This weekend was alumni weekend at rural studio, so I went up and visited Brett in Greensboro. The thesis kids threw a "wedding party" which was really fun...Grant and Brooke met us there to join in on the fun. Sadly, we forgot to take any pictures. However, here are a few pics from a couple weekends ago when Brett came to Auburn. We had fall activities which included great food, games, and pumpkin carving. It was fun.

But mostly, I am just excited for cooler weather! Has anyone else been enjoying the weather lately? Or have any fun fall plans in the next few weeks? 


  1. Brett said there was gonna be a "Wedding Party". I bet that was interesting! That was nice that Grant & Brooke got to visit and join in on the festivities. The pumpkin carving - WOW! Those were really neat! And yes, we are ready for fall. It makes me want to have a cookout! Bethany (and about 35 more) are going camping next weekend in Tennessee. She is really excited. (BTW - her laptop was stolen so she hasn't been able to post lately. Hopefully, she will have a new laptop within the next few weeks. In the meantime, I will tell her to get me pics of her camping weekend and I'll post them for her). Thanks for sharing. It was good to here from you! Love~

  2. Oh yeah, make sure to get the camping pics. I can't wait to see them! All my roommates are leaving me and going camping this weekend too...I wish i could go so badly, but i have a major project due Monday morning, so I have to be in Auburn to work on it.

    And a cookout sounds great too. I am looking forward to spending the beginning of Christmas break in birmingham. That is so far away (it's not even halloween yet!) but I just want this semester to be over and have a break.

  3. The alumni weekend was fun, especially the wedding party. It is too bad neither of us like to carry a camera around.

    I'm really enjoying this cool weather too. It really cold right now at the red barn.

    I'll try to get some pictures from this weekend.


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