Tuesday, October 28, 2008


the girls at the end of the 4 hours...we were so dirty
our group outside the cave

our group inside the cave[this was pitch black]

[this was the SHALLOW part of the crevace we had to lean over]

me, bellycrawling about 100 yards!!

this was a neat part we rested at

walking through

before we started

relaxing in the field

me & cat in the leaves

on a big rock we climbed

around the canpfire


  1. It looks cold around the campfire. I'm glad I didn't know about the dropoffs and the black hole until AFTER you returned! And the crawl space???? I don't think I could have done that! the pictures turned out good to be disposable CAVE camera! I bet the fall trees and the foliage were beautiful in Tennessee!

  2. Bethany, I am so jealous. Recently, you and kelsey's roommates have went camping, and I want to go so badly before it gets too cold. I'm glad you had fun. What were these caves called? Did Native Americans live in them?

  3. bethany, you are brave to explore that cave. especially over that 100 ft crevice...i would have been scared to accidentally run into mummies or skeletons in the pitch black.

  4. yes mom. i know you wouldn't have liked that part.thats why i didn't say anything:] but yea the camera was perfect and i'll have to show ya'll the rest of the pictures over thanksgiving... and brett we need to go a.s.a.p..i', pretty much a pro now!! the names of the caves were racoon cavern..and we didn't discover any native americans, but they might've been hiding in the black hole. needless to say, we ALL need to drive to tennessee asap and do this:]


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