Wednesday, April 22, 2009

my new ambition

So, I've deciding to become a lifeguard. I started the class today. Just to get in the class I had to swim 300 meters of breast-stroke and freestyle. This was a lot harder than i thought it would be. After i finished & made sure i wasn't going to pass out on the pool deck i had to do the next task. I had to swim 100 meters, go down to the bottom of the 12 ft, pick up a 10 pound brick, hold it above my head and swim all the way back to the shallow end with just my legs. I had to complete this in a minute and 30 seconds. I finished in 1:05, so i was happy. I have classes everyday til sunday. on sunday the skills & lecture test will occur and grant me my license to save lives. wish me luck


  1. are you going to be a lifeguard at JH?

  2. hopefully, but i wont know for sure until i get out there.


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