Thursday, April 30, 2009

.pigs must be flying.

well, i said it would be the day that pigs fly when my mom finally gives in and joins the facebook hooplah...and they must be flying because tonight i helped mom create her very OWN facebook. litle by little she is understanding which she'll probably understand it better than me by the end of the week. she is a very good student in the fact that she learns so quickly. :) so i just thought i would blog it and let everyone know her life-changing step. ask her to be your friend is she isnt. welcome to the facebook crazzzze mommy:) love you


  1. I looked for you, Cathi, and I couldn't find you on Facebook. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I'll keep watching! (But be prepared to be sucked into the black social hole!)

  2. who knows, maybe I'm lost. I'll resend my friend invite to you.

  3. Pigs are flying ... in Greensboro! See above post!!


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