Monday, April 27, 2009

shallow or deep.

Shallow or deep
wherever you go,
if you're drowning,

i'll SAVE YOU.
just so you know., as everyone knows i was taking my lifeguard certification course last week. well, its official. I PASSED!!! I'm now certified in lifeguarding, AED, CPR, first-aid and oxygen administration by the American Red Cross. My test was sunday, I was nervous but I knew the Lord was with me & everything went magnificent. They said i passed with flying colors and I received 2 jobs offers. I will be working at the Trussville YMCA and filling in at the Mtn. Brook Branch. when i come back from JH Ranch in August


  1. wow! that's awesome that you already have a job lines up for august! congratulations on being a lifeguard !

  2. great. congratulations bethany.


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